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Johnny Cook
Suddenly I Knew Him- The Late Great Johnny Cook
On Silver Wings- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Touch Me One More Time- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Now Is The Time- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Wonderful Peace- The Late Great Johnny Cook
He- The Late Great Johnny Cook
His Blessing On Me- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Born Again-The Late Great Johnny Cook
No,Never Alone- The Late Great Johnny Cook
The American Trilogy- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Looking For A City-The Happy Goodmans & The Late Great Johnny Cook
Life Is Worth The Living- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Calvary Isn't Just Another Hill- The Late Great Johnny Cook
A Good Year For Jesus- The Late Great Johnny Cook
I'm Going On Home- The Late Great Johnny Cook
A Glimpse Of Heaven-The Late Great Johnny Cook
Until You've Known - The Late Great Johnny Cook
Oh My Heart Still Rejoicing- The Late Great Johnny Cook
While I'm Here- The Late Great Johnny Cook
I Got Faith- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Where The Roses Never Fade- The Late Great Johnny Cook
Long Winding Road-The Late Great Johnny Cook

Jimmy Swaggart

Everybody Will Be Happy Over There-Jimmy Swaggart
Have Faith In God-Jimmy Swaggart
There'll Be Shouting On The Hills Of Glory-Jimmy Swaggart
Glory Glory-Jimmy Swaggart
Let The Lower Light Be Burning-Jimmy Swaggart
Room At The Cross-Jimmy Swaggart
Wasted Years-Jimmy Swaggart
The Love Of Jesus- Jimmy Swaggart
I Feel Jesus -Jimmy Swaggart
It Feels Like Fire Shut In My Bones- Joe Lewis/JS
His Eye Is On The Sparrow- PD/Jimmy Swaggart
Jesus On The Main Line- Jimmy Swaggart

All In The Name Of Jesus- Jimmy Swaggart
We Shall See The King-by Jimmy Swaggart
Homesick To Go-by Jimmy Swaggart
Praise You-by Jimmy Swaggart
He Washed My Eyes With Tears- Jimmy Swaggart
When I Get To The End Of The Way-Jimmy Swaggart
Let's Go To The Upper Room And Tarry- Jimmy Swaggart
Precious Lord Take My Hand- Jimmy Swaggart
Sometimes Allelulia- Jimmy Swaggart
Just A Little Talk With Jesus- Jimmy Swaggart
What A Lovely Name- Jimmy Swaggart
I Know My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out- Jimmy Swaggart
He's Never Failed Me Yet- Jimmy Swaggart
Good Bye World,Good Bye- Jimmy Swaggart
Where Could I Go- Jimmy Swaggart
Leaning On The Ever Lasting Arms- Jimmy Swaggart
I Am Going Through- Jimmy Swaggart
There Is A River- Jimmy Swaggart
Since I Laid My Burdens Down- Jimmy Swaggart
I've Never Been This Homesick Before- Jimmy Swaggart
I Praise You- Jimmy Swaggart
I See Jesus- Jimmy Swaggart
More Of You- Jimmy Swaggart
We'll Talk It Over-Jimmy Swaggart
One Day I Will- Jimmy Swaggart
Lord,I Just Want To Thank You Jimmy Swaggart
Victory Is Mine Jimmy Swaggart
Jesus Just The Mention Of Your Name- Jimmy Swaggart
Only For His Eyes- Jimmy Swaggart
Don't Let Me See- Jimmy Swaggart
Just Believe- Jimmy Swaggart
I Owe It All To Jesus- Jimmy Swaggart
Heading Home- Jimmy Swaggart

Don Francisco
He's Alive-Don Francisco
Jesus Is The Lord Of The Way I Feel-Done Francisco

Dallas Holm
Here We Are- Dallas Holm
Rise Again- Dallas Holm
Jesus I'm An Open Book- Dallas Holm
Front Seat Back Seat- Dallas Holm
He Means All To Me-Dallas Holm
He Knew Me Than Dallas Holm
You Did It All For Me- Dallas Holm
I Am What I Am- Dallas Holm
At My Worst You Found Me- Dallas Holm
Hey,I'm A Believer Now-Dallas Holm
I Saw The Lord- Dallas Holm
I Love Him More Each Day- Dallas Holm
Bloodline- Dallas Holm

Fred Hyde
These Things Shall Pass- Fred Hyde
I Can't Complain-Fred Hyde
Thanks To Calvary-- Fred Hyde
He Washed My Eyes With Tears- Fred Hyde
Thank You Lord,You've Included Me-Fred Hyde
Anytime,Anywhere- Fred Hyde
Had It Not Been-Fred Hyde

The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
I'm Going To A City-- The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
Send It On Down--The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
Come Unto Me--The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
The Holy OF Holies-The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
. Jesus Your The Center Of My Joy-The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
What A Happy Day-The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir
Upon This Rock-The Alexandria Sanctuary Choir

The Pentecostals Of Alexandria
Reverence The Lord--The Pentecostal Of Alexandria
I Stand In Awe--The Pentecostal Of Alexandria
I Can Only Imagine--The Pentecostal Of Alexandria
Breathe On Me---The Pentecostal Of Alexandria

Mickey Mangun
I Miss My Time With You- Mickey Mangun
Stop Wait A Minute- Mickey Mangun
Promise-by Mickey Mangun
Water Grave- Mickey Mangun

Lanny Wolf Trio
The Children Of Azusa Street- Lanny Wolf Trio
God Will Make A Way- Lanny Wolf Trio
Everytime We Come Together- Lanny Wolf Trio
Glory Of The Lord- Lanny Wolf Trio
The Year When Jesus Comes- Lanny Wolf Trio
I Love Him To Much- Lanny Wolf Trio
One Body- Lanny Wolf Trio
Precious Blood- Lanny Wolf Trio
Romans- Lanny Wolf Trio
One Day Too Late- Lanny Wolf Trio
God's Wonderful People- Lanny Wolf Trio
I Feel Good- Lanny Wolf Trio
Greater Is He That Is In You- Lanny Wolf Trio
Asleep In The Light- Lanny Wolf Trio
Miracle Still Happens- Lanny Wolf Trio
One Left Behind- Lanny Wolf Trio
Surely The Presents Of The Lord- Lanny Wolf Trio
Let's Sing A Song About Jesus- Lanny Wolf Trio
Brand New Touch- Lanny Wolf Trio
The Wind Is Blowing Again- Lanny Wolf Trio
I Have A Friend- Lanny Wolf Trio
A Little Touch Of Heaven- Lanny Wolf Trio
Jesus Be Lord Of All- Lanny Wolf Trio
More Than Ever Before- Lanny Wolf Trio
Only One Life- Lanny Wolf Trio
I'm Gonna Praise The Lord- Lanny Wolf Trio
Sound Of His Coming- Lanny Wolf Trio
We Are The Church- Lanny Wolf Trio
Jesus Did It For Me- Lanny Wolf Trio
The Giving Song- Lanny Wolf Trio
I Keep Falling In Love With Him- Lanny Wolf Trio
Look Out Satan Look Out- Lanny Wolf Trio
My House Is Full- Lanny Wolf Trio
Peace In Jesus- Lanny Wolf Trio
Let Us Rejoice- Lanny Wolf Trio
Your Still Lord- Lanny Wolf Trio
The Weaver-Lanny Wolf Trio

Barbara Keller
If You Need A Touch- Barbara Keller
This Is A Holy Place- Barbara Keller
I Am Changed- Barbara Keller
My Christian Heritage-Barbara Keller

Jack Jackson
Jesus What A Wonder You Are-Jack Jackson
The Touch Of The Masters Hand-Jack Jackson

The Rambo's
We've Weathered Storms Before-Dottie Rambo
I Go To The Rock-Dottie Rambo
What A Happy Day-Dottie Rambo
Sheltered In The Arms Of God- The Rambo's
Ten Thousand Years- The Rambo's
One More River- The Rambo's

The McGruders
Saved By Grace-The McGruders
The Vessel Of Honor-The McGruders
You Gotta Have The Want To-The McGruders
Come On Down To The Altar-The McGruders
Jesus My Hope Is In You-The McGruders
I've Got What It Takes-The McGruders
Special-The McGruders
He Set Me Free-The McGruders
The Finish Line-The McGruders
When Comes-The McGruders
Amazing Grace- The McGruders
Live By Faith-The McGruders
Good Hands-The McGruders
Take Me To The Throne-The McGruders
A Part Of The Kingdom-The McGruders
That Certian Feeling-The McGruders

John Starnes
Allelujah To The Lamb- John Starnes
There Is A Saviour- John Starnes
I Feel Jesus- John Starnes
Forever The Son Is Gonna Reign- John Starnes
When He Was On The Cross- John Starnes
Look To Him- John Starnes
Win The Lost- John Starnes
Youve Got To be Born Again- John Starnes
Somebody Touched Me-John Starnes
When You Cross That River- John Starnes
Who Is This King-John Starnes
A Perfect Heart- John Starnes
Rise And Be Healed- John Starnes
Don't Give Up On The Child Of God- John Starnes
Operator(Royal Telephone- John Starnes
The King Of Who I Am- John Starnes
Whisper Jesus- John Starnes

The Hinsons
The Lighthouse- The Hinsons
Sin Died Here- The New Hinsons
Old Ship Of Zion The New Hinsons
Speak The Word Lord- The New Hinsons
Store Front Church- The New Hinsons
Touch Of The Masters Hand- The Hinsons
Shoutin Shoes- The New Hinsons
Calvary Painted A Picture Of Grace-The New Hinsons
He Made A Believer Out Of Me- The New Hinsons
Feed My Sheep- The New Hinsons
He's Got A Miracle For You- The New Hinsons
Oasis-The New Hinsons
If There Had Been No Calvary- The New Hinsons
Aint That What Its All About- The Hinsons
I Begin To Feel The Fire- The Hinsons
Burdens Are Lifted- The Hinsons
Carry On-The Hinsons
Too Many Times- The Hinsons
CampMeeting Days- The Hinsons
Who Is On The Lord Side- The Hinsons
Call Me Gone- The Hinsons
I Won't Walk Without Jesus- The Hinsons
That I Could Go Free- The Hinsons
King Jesus- The Hinsons
Potter Is The Clay- The Hinsons
Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt- The Hinsons
He Can- The Hinsons
You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me- The Hinsons
Come To The Water- The Hinsons
Two Winning Hands- The Hinsons
There's Gonna Be Some Changes- The Hinsons

The Galileans
Jesus Divino- The Galileans
It's My Desire- The Galileans
The Precious Old Story- The Galieans
Lord I Give Myself To You- The Galileans

Mike Blanton & Evidence
Even In The Valley- Mike Blanton & Evidence
When Morning Breaks-Mike Blanton & Evidence

The McKameys
God On The Mountain- The Mckameys
God Is So Good To Me-The McKameys
That's Just What He Is-The McKameys
He Calms Me- The McKameys
The Other Side- The McKameys
I'll Dare To Be Different- The McKameys
I've Won- The McKameys
God Will Make This Trial A Blessing- The McKameys
I Will Trust You Lord- The McKameys
Good News- The McKameys
Arise- The McKameys

Karen Wheaton
Hotel Hallelujah- Karen Wheaton
Sunday Night Meeting- Karen Wheaton
Look What The Lord Has Done- Karen Wheaton
He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin- Karen Wheaton
Promise- Karen Wheaton

Unfinshed Task-Labreesake Hemphill
I Keep Coming Back To The Well- Hemphills
Consider The Lilies-The Hemphills
The Sweetest Words He Ever Said-The Hemphills
Jesus Has Conquered The Grave- Hemphills
I'm In This Church- Hemphills
When The Clouds Roll Back- Hemphills
Angels All Around Us-Hemphills
I'm Not Perfect Just Forgiven- Hemphills
It's Alright- Hemphills
He's Still Working On Me- Hemphills
I Came On Business For The King-The Hemphills
It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built The Ark-The Hemphills

Janet Paschal
I Give You Jesus- Janet Paschal
Make My House Your He-Janet Paschal
Jesus Lord To Me-Janet Paschal
Tell Me- Janet Paschal
When You Cross That River-Janet Paschal/John Starnes

Tabitha Pimlott
Forever The Son Is Gonna Reign- Tabitha Pimlott
The Anchor Holds-Tabitha Pimlott
We Exalt Thee- Tabitha Pimlott
I Bowed On My Kness & Cried Holy- Tabitha Pimlott
I Saw Man- Tabitha Pimlott

Welcome Holy Spirit- Trio
Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary- Trio
Try Jesus- Trio
My Soul Is Lifted Up- Trio
He Knows The Way-Trio
Through The Fire- Trio

The Perrys
Amazing Grace-The Perrys
Praise God,It's Settled,I'm Saved- The Perrys
Never Grow Old- The Perrys
I Can,I Have,I Will- The Perrys
His Name Was John- The Perrys
He Took Me In-The Perrys
I Remember The Day- The Perrys
God Walks The Dark Hills- The Perrys
By Faith I Can Touch Him Now- The Perrys
Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City- The Perrys
What Heaven Means To Me-The Perrys
I Wish I Could Have Been There-The Perrys

The Paynes
Can I Get A Witness- The Paynes
Don't Just Stand Pray Something-The Paynes
He Forgives & Forget- The Paynes
Heart Healer- The Paynes
God Delivers Again- The Paynes
Who But God-The Paynes
Long Time Comin,Long Time Gone- The Paynes
What A Way To Spend Forever- The Paynes
Who's That In The Manger-The Paynes
Devil Can't Stand The Site Of Blood- The Paynes

Mike Adkins
Adoration- Mike Adkins
What's Wrong With My Children- Mike Adkins
Be At Peace My Child- Mike Adkins
Thank You For The Dove- Mike Adkins
Don't Give Up On The Brink Of A Miracle- Mike Adkins
Messiah- Mike Adkins

The Kingsmen
When Mama Prayed- The Kingsmen
Called Out-The Kingsmen
Behold The Master Cometh-The Kingsmen
In The Garden-The Kingsmen
Moses-The Kingsmen
What Did He Ever See In Me-The Kingmen
Go & Tell Somebody-The Kingsmen
The Lovely Name-The Kingsmen
Somebody Run- The Kingsmen
The Apple Tree Song- The Kingsmen
I'll Live Again- The Kingsmen
Stand Up- The Kingsmen
Love Will Roll The Clouds Away- The Kingsmen
The Next Cloud- The Kingsmen
It Made News In Heaven- The Kingsmen
Excuses- The Kingsmen
Saints Will Rise- The Kingsmen

Walt Mills
What A Healing Jesus-Walt Mills
He's Still In The Fire-Walt Mills
Walking The Sea-Walt Mills
I'll Praise You- Walt Mills
The Altar- Walt Mills
In The Garden- Walt Mills
Ain't Got Time For You Devil- Walt Mills
Old Rugged Cross- Walt Mills
Joy In My Soul- Walt Mills
Revival's In The Land- Walt Mills

Mike Murdock
He's Been There- Mike Murdock
I Fell In Love With A King- Mike Murdock
In Walked Jesus- Mike Murdock
It's Not Like Him- Mike Murdock
He Gave Me The Chance I Needed- Mike Murdock
God's Not Through Blessing You- Mike Murdock

The Rex Nelons Singers
I'll Just Lay It Down-The Nelons Singers
If You Had Known Me- The Rex Nelons Singers
Stepping In The Steps- The Rex Nelons Singers
He Cared For Me- The Nelons
Where Sin Had Been Pardoned- The Nelons
We Shall Wear A Robe & Crown-The Rex Nelons Singers
Unto The Hills-The Nelons

Larnelle Harris
America The Beautiful-Larnelle Harris
I've Just Seen Jesus-Larnelle Harris/Sandi Patti

Sandi Patti
More Than Wonderful-Sandi Patti
My God Is Real- Sandi Patti
Because Of Who You Are- Sandi Patti

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